Angels and Demons

At the walls of Icehome - You pissed off the bull, hope you're lubed for the horns.

Sitting with bulls...

Our story continues the following morning, before dawn breaks, as the bells of the monastery sing their loud choir to wake up all the residents of Secundo Aurora… except for Jak who possessed the iron will to stay in bed until breakfast.
After they filled their bellies with scrumptious food, Mnarset and Jak were invited to join Taylor in the library. Yilling was not part of the invitation but since he was already in the library there was nothing anyone could argue about.
Taylor inquired both Jak and Mnarset about their stay and informed them they will leave east after a small service he’ll shortly make. He then asked Bright Yilling regarding his means of transportation since his men did not report of any steeds in the stables. The mercenary just smiled and told him not to worry.

The service was complete and the gang, with the help of Yilling, prepared to embark as Taylor called forth a carriage made of clouds with a skeleton marionette at the helm of the coach.
Sister Alice came to say her goodbyes and wished them a fair journey. Father Taylor than noticed that the gift for The Bull of the North was missing. Alice informed him that Yilling already took it, which is for the best as he is The Bull’s envoy.
Said envoy told them that he will meet them in the skies in a short while and departed the monastery grounds. The gang began their ascension towards the heavens.

As they floated in the air, waiting for their guide, a great ball of fire came swiftly hurtling towards them and when he neared the coach it suddenly came into a halt. As the flames dwindled Bright Yilling was revealed, wearing full set of armor, the same color as his faded yellow helmet, riding a fiery stag whose skin seemed burned in some places and missing in others. He presented his menacing travel companion as Ludwig and they began their way towards Icehome.

It took them a day and a night to rest (except for Taylor who, to the better knowledge of the gang, who might as well have gone dancing naked in the night in some sorts of ritual) to reach their destination. As they made camp, Jak tried to befriend Ludwig and to his dismay failed before the great beast disappeared out of sight. Yilling was relieved no one lost any fingers in the exchange.
At dinner, while Mnarset tried to feed Yilling one of Sans’s trademarked “Cold-Dogs” , Jak opened up and spoke of his family. Specifically his parents. About their hospitality and how they knew The Great Bull. Yilling than shared a bit of his past, about his birthplace, Willow-creek, how he didn’t remember anything about it other then the fact that today it’s a Shadowland. Mnarset was also interrogated for once about her short-lived stay as a scholar of The Empire.
They than took shifts guarding the camp and in the morning they hit the road again

At noon, as they approached Icehome, flares were shot into the sky as a warning sign, so they descended and waited to be greeted by a welcoming party on land. The party was made entirely by Brunhilda, a big voluptuous valkyrie, wearing a horned helmet and riding an elk. She greeted them and clasped Yillings’ hand in an overjoyed fashion. She than proceeded escorting them into The Bull’s camp, dozens of tents at the foot of the wall of Icehome.

Brunhilda brought them to The Bull’s main tent where they finally saw the great Bull of the North. He set on an enormous chair made from a stuffed wild bear that was small in compression to the Bull. He greeted Yilling with a great bear hug (HA HA.. Please love me) as the envoy presented him with a keg of wine from the monastery. The Bull acknowledged the gift and set it aside. Yilling then presented the gang. The Bull recognized Jak and shared his fond recollections regarding Jak’s parents before asking Yilling for his report on Secundo Aurora. As Yilling delivered his findings bluntly, Taylor interrupted him to try and explain himself. He stopped mid-sentence as the steel of a sword flashed in an instant near his throat. Though it seemed he hasn’t moved an inch, The Great Bull held the blade and informed Taylor that he won’t get to interrupt his envoy a second time. His message received, his mood spoiled, he withdrew his sword.


Yiliing finished his report and passed Mnarset the mic. Nervously, she told The Bull that they came here to warn his second-in-commend, Samea, that a demon named Cirrus is seeking his revenge on her for his imprisonment. The Bull than informed them that Samea left for Mahalanka for some reason he found boring and uninteresting. Seeing as the gang was set on the task of finding Samea, The Bull ordered Bright Yilling to join them. He than called for Brunhilda to show them the way back out of camp and once more they were on the road again.

The journey to Mahalanka took them three day and two nights. The first night, Taylor began to teach Mnarset his carriage sorcery so she could take the helm if needed while Jak and Yilling exchanged revenge plots and battle scars. Yilling mentioned how he lost his right arm and left eye when he was betrayed by a man named Vergil and Jak told him how every scar on his body (except the one on his ass) was a mark left by Ragara Albok when he inserted strange metals into him.

The rest of the journey was uneventful as the gang made their way deeper into the man-eating ape infested forest of Mahalanka…


ShaiO ShaiO

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