Angels and Demons


"We're asking really really nice." "Aww. No."

Jak, Mnarset, and Taylor awoke in the Dragon’s Eye Inn to find Leo missing from his bed, presumably to investigate the Nail of Truth, as he suggested the previous night.

However, Taylor spoke out against that plan: Replacing the current reign in Pneuma would be more complicated than they assume. Sans’s request to stop what’s going on in the dungeon could wait a few more days. But the longer they stay in the city, the less likely they’ll be able to catch up with Cirrus on time.
Jak agreed saving Vanileth is more urgent, while Mnarset insisted on rescuing the prisoners. Seeing as they couldn’t leave without Leo either way, the three decided they might as well look for the guy Sans told them about; Stenvall.

They went downstairs, where Jak was somewhat harrassed by a… fashion designer of sorts, who gave them her card.
As the three ate their breakfast, an armoured man came by to announce that a “sorcerer with a sense of humor” seemed to be disrupting communications – Infallible Messenger services are, ironically, unavailable. So anyone with information regarding that should speak with him or go to the House of the Blue Wolf – the Realm’s prestigious Magistrate School placed within the city.

A purchase of supplies and a quick chat with the inn-dwellers later, they discovered that the guard who visited the tavern was, in fact, Stenvall – whom they then tracked down to Sans’s sentry station, and explained why they needed help reaching northward.

Unfortunately, with Sans gone – an ominous black feather hovering over his empty station – Stenvall had very little reason to trust their story. The threat of a necromancer roaming nearby made him very unlikely to give up his airship easily, as it is his mercenary company’s job to keep the city standing while the Empire sorts out its mess.

It was only once Mnarset confessed their being Solars, Taylor that they intended to liberate the city, and Jak that they planned to free the prisoners in the Nail of Truth, that Sten explained to them a few things, among which the true nature of the tower:
It’s a temple, where the Immaculate Lamas negotiate with the gods to decide who gets prayed to on what day. Every Exalted the Wyld Hunt saw right to keep alive is kept in its dungeon – but that doesn’t necessarily make them worth saving. Worse: “liberating” the city with no solid alternative to the Immaculate Order will make it – the last harbour in the entire northern coast – easy pickings for the Necromancer. That is, assuming they could even manage to do so, with the powerful entity currently oathbound at the top of the Nail.

For now, rescuing the prisoners will suffice. They could return once they’ve gathered the support they needed to deal with the city itself. Sten said he’d even volunteer some of his crew to make sure they and the refugees reach safety northward…

On one condition: They will not kill, or loot any of the local guard, until they come back with their new reign. If the four of them, or any of the prisoners, wreck unnecessary havok – they will have to answer to Sten. And he will not be happy about it.

As they bade farewell to the Exigent mercenary, Taylor received a message:
His ‘children’ were coming to Pneuma.


ShaiO ShaiO

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