Angels and Demons

Recap - the adventure time!


After fleeing Pneuma from an encounter with two soldiers at the Nail of Truth, our party watched the city burn from the wrath of the Necromancer that Stenvall warned them about. The fight looked hopeless from where they watched as three different Anima effects were seen at the city sky’s. Wishing to help the one she framed – Mnarset wanted to go back to the city but was convinced by Leo to go to the ship Stenvall has prepared for them. As they reached the airship there were Sister Alice and her Brother Thomas. They seemed quite displeased with their Father Taylor and seem to demand him to go back to the monastery. He seemed upset with them but still went to the ship. Then the party met Penn the weird human (he isn’t really, right?), Giga the pilot, and Odysseus (see character description). The Party seemed quite and shaken by the situation they left Pneuma at. Each had their way of coping with the thought of loss and danger they left the city to deal with. (Yes, I also think Jak had some feelings about this matter…yeah. He’s just good at hiding them!)

At night the party (except Mnarset) got together at the Boys’ room to discuss further actions. They seemed to be at the same page that we still should go after “Cirrus” and continue our way north.


Nicely done! Edited for spl & character links

Recap - the adventure time!
ShaiO ShaiO

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