Angels and Demons

Separated but whole - What Jak, Mnarset and Yilling did at Whitewall

"Welcome to Whitewall, papers please..."

And so 3/4 of the group arrived at Pneuma, which was quite different than how our heroes have left it… Probably because of that big struggle the city had with The Necromancer.
Instead of the broken down wall surrounding the city, a new one was built, bigger, stronger and faster than ever. Also more thorny. Scattered at the foot of the walls were balistae operated by giant skeletons. Needless to say our heroes made the right call to land close to The Golden Road where it was safe and sound and FAR away from the spoofy skeletons.

While they made their landing, the gang noticed a bright light on the road. Yilling volunteered to have a look-see. On the road was an empty tent, filled with a bit of supplies and for some reason a drawing of a chubby man in a dress. Other than the tent the mercenary noticed a group of a dozen or so men walking north on the other side of The Golden Road.
Yilling went back to report his findings. Jak suggested they raid the tent for any supplies.

As the three of them approached the tent they saw an arctic fox enter it. As Jak lifted the tent’s flap he saw the familiar disapproving face of Giga, the airship pilot. Unwillingly she invited them inside.

After some arm twisting and bickering from Jak and Mnarset, Giga filled them in on what has happened since last they met. After she left them in the village Giga and crew at hand returned to Pneuma in search of Stenvall. Seeing as the city is in the state that it is, Giga thought it’ll be suicidal to try and enter it, and so she made contact with The Bull of the North to come take care of business. As she made camp on The Golden Road none other than Cirrus bumped into her. The friendly cloud/vengeance seeking demon inquired if by chance she came across Oadenol and gave her one use of his oculus, free of charge. She used it to track down Stenvall, who was in binding… in a sewerage channel… in Whitewall… which just so happened to be closed off because all of the refugees from Pneuma. Since she looked like a refugee, she just bade her time until The Bull arrived.

Feeling responsible for Stenvall’s current state, Mnarset offerd (and gave Giga little choice) to save him. Jak still pondered why would someone draw Penn in a dress when the thing(?) rolled out from under the bed and greeted the gang. Yilling gave Giga some booze in condolences for putting up with all their crap before our heroes departed and made their way merrily up The Golden Road, heading towards Whitewall.


Soon our heroes arrived at the white wall of Whitewall. There they saw hundreds of refugees camped in a soup kitchen under the banner of High-Rock. Near that a guard was unfazed with a small Zenith who shouted and stomped all around to get him to open the gate for the refugees. This Zenith, as named by Jak, will be forever known as lady Sparkle-Sparkle. Our heroes interrupted the one sided tantrum as they introduced themselves as mercenaries for hire, Bright Yilling producing a letter of employment with The Bull’s sigil on it as proof and vouched for Mnarset and Jak. In a feat of god-like bureaucracy and speed they were given entry into the city, much to lady Sparkle-Sparkle’s dismay.

Inside the city they were led to a simple inn by one of the guards. They were not allowed to enter the inn because Jak high-fived the inn-keeper. With abandon of curse words in Skytongue the guard led them to another inn. They were greeted by a bespectacled inn-keeper who went by the name of Inn-keeper Jr. They bought a room for a week and went around town in search of Stenvall.

On their way to the bath house which led to the sewerage channels they passed an ancient manse. Mnarset pleaded Jak and Yilling to make a visit inside. Yilling and Jak reminded her what happened last time they wasted time in search of someone.

In the bath house they took a bath, thinking mingling with the city folks could bring some leads in but the filth that washed off of Jak drove all the sane people out of the bath. Needless to say the gang left the Bath-house and were never allowed back again. They went deeper down the channels where they met a homeless man who after some donation led them to Kia, a fatherly figure who welcomed them with a broth of an unknown origin. Yilling asked if he saw anything stranger than usual and specifically about people carrying other people in bindings. As it happens he did see a group of people heading deeper into the cave and gladly escorted our heroes.

As they arrived to a dead end Kia left them, wanting to stay uninvolved in the matter. At the end of the tunnel were two tents and leaning on the wall between them was Moira, badly wounded. Yilling approached her but she was still willing to throw her life for her mission.
She told Yilling that if he was sent by Sans he might as well just kill her now. Soon Jak and Mnarset joined them, provoking Moira for answers. In response she brought them Stenvall and told them that Mars herself has sent her to kill the other three prisoners. Belittling her claim our heroes trembled when a different voice spoke out of Moira’s throat, the voice of Mars. While that happened, Jak poked his head into one of the tents only to have a crossbow pointed at him and an order to back away.

After the goddess spoke Moira tiredly went inside the tent Jak disturbed. After a few moments curiosity overcame them and our heroes went to take a look. They found Moira, dead, an icicle lodged in her head. On the ground were three bonded prisoners and no marks of anyone else in the tent. Jak and Yilling dispatched of the prisoners, a blond girl, a boy with a walking cane with the letter ‘P’ engraved in it and a golem.
Mnarset laid Moira’s body to rest and asked if anyone can contact Cirrus so he can confirm that the body of the girl was Oadenol. Yilling called the demon, who inspected the body but told them that she was not Oadenol.

But the boy they killed… That was her brother…


ShaiO ShaiO

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