Angels and Demons

The Airship - Or, Oops is he dead?

The time we went (almost) full circle

After the morning came Mnarset was still in her room. But Leo woke up early and started his day by fixing everybody breakfast. He took note of the boiling hot liquid and served it as “coffee” next to Jak’s and his meal. He offered some to Giga that was horrified because that was Penn’s….thing. And apparently it might kill you. Luckily nobody died from that.

As the morning progressed Father Taylor woke up and as he tried to figure out how to heal quickly from his wounds Giga has confirmed Penn is the medic in Sten’s party. He asked Penn’s aid to make him heal better and… ended up mostly dead. To which the toxic fumes and the weird things Penn must have had poked trough him would have finished the job but Giga was very firm to make him stop this. Father Taylor survived the experiment, to Penn’s disappointment, and had to shave his entire head (now he looks like a weird version of Tenzin). As time flew by things heated up in the airship. The party had a lot disagreements about nearly every topic. So Giga told them to simply get things straight after discovering they are the reason that Sten is in trouble in the first place.

After they cleared their goal to find Cirrus and then to go help Sten and make amends. During this the engine “suddenly” stopped working and Giga had “no choice” but to land a few hours from the nearest town. We said our farewells and flew on our clouds to the town. The town was so quiet and eerie so we stepped into the first house at the edge of the town. It was a toy store and at the center was a toy from the Skytech L. We rang the bell on the counter to see Sans emerging from the shadows. He was listening to our story only to tell us we did poorly (He was right though.)
As the night progressed we made a pack to try our best to aid each other and do our best.

We now face a lot of options which are well to deal. Will we go meet Bull of the North? Will we find Vanileth at his Sanctum? Will Sans actually give himself to the Angels?


Nicely done! Editted for links, formatting.

The Airship - Or, Oops is he dead?
ShaiO ShaiO

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