Angels and Demons

The Monastery - This Rock is so High right now.

Thank the gods they also make wine.

The gang woke in Sans’s shop after their group counseling, the one that was about how they need to stick together and help each other out, only to find out that Leo bolted, gods know where… and Sans!
Seeking answers, Mnarset went up to Sans’s room only to get her Rickrolled.
That led to a random inspection of rooms by Jak, looking for the drowsy shopkeeper. Sans was found splayed all over the floor of some room, his head adorned by Leo’s signature little pink hat… napping.

As Mnarset interrogated Sans for Leo’s whereabouts, a friendly and not suspicious at all old woman knocked on the shop’s door. She was greeted by both Jak and Taylor. In her hands was a parchment that was left at their doorstep and by her unassuming nature and good old fashioned caring for thy neighbors, she did not want it to be tarnished by the snow. As Taylor thanked the old lady and sent her on her way Jak opened the parchment. it was revealed to be a drawing of Pneuma as if viewed from the sky. The city’s edges were covered in dark clouds.

Jak and Taylor went to Sans, who was busy ignoring Mnarset’s questions as always, and gave him the drawing. After inspecting it for a moment the shopkeeper informed them a few details:
A. The gang’s initials were written on the parchment in Riverspeak.
B. The drawing was drawn with a crow’s feather.

Sans, as he is Sans, informed them that they know of someone with a connection to crows but batted away all their guesses and gave no answers. He than dropped an info bomb that he and Leo were off to Pneuma as he made his quick(?) getaway. Furious at both Leo and Sans, Mnarset ran outside in rage, Jak fast on her heels.

Eventually they both arrived at the crash site of Giga’s ship… Minus Giga and her ship. Mnarset let free her anger, though slim she had hoped Leo will be there. She and Jak returned to the shop, as Jak tried to his best (less worse maybe?) to comfort her along the ride home. Once they settled inside the three of them agreed to set course south-east and pay audience to The Bull of the North and pay a visit to Taylor’s monastery.

The journey took them 15 days by clouds. An uneventful journey, filled with training, chit chat and bonding. It seems little by little the gang grew closer.

On Sunday they arrived at the monastery, just in time for the market where the monastery makes its livelihood and where Taylor hoped he could make some sort of a political pact with Father Claude, a dreadful man by the panic that is seemed by Sister Alice as she greeted them.
She enrolled Mnarset and, unknowingly, Jak to persuade Father Claude to come out of his carriage. After a small conversation Father Claude, charmed by Mnarsets’ inquisitiveness and Jak’s Jak-ness, agreed to join them for dinner.

In the meantime, Arch-priest Taylor set to work, greeting all that have paid tribute at the dining hall, at the other end of the table sat a cloaked man drinking wine. Father Claude entered the hall accompanied by Mnarset and Jak and gave his acknowledgements to Father Taylor for the hospitality and respectfully sat as far away as possible from him. Father Taylor welcomed all those who filled the hall with a awe inspiring blessing. Wineglasses were raised in approval.

After a minor political debate between the Fathers, Sister Alice presented the cloaked man, who didn’t make his presence noticed before as he did not want to interrupt the entertainment, as Bright Yilling, a representative of The Bull of the North and other interested parties. Though his appearance a bit strange Yilling fell naturally into the conversation, losing no composure when Jak and right after him Taylor asked about his caste.

Father Claude, having his goals laid out on the table and his opinion of Taylor clear, made his leave. Bright Yilling, seeing as the gang was heading for The Bull of the North offered to escort them and accepted both Sister’s Alice dinner invitation and Taylor’s tour of the ground. They drank, gawked at books, drank some more, paid respect to the gods in the cathedral, visited the winery to drink even more and than came dinner time.

At dinner Arch-priest Taylor held a pledging ceremony for all the new initiates of his monastery and announced a showmanship match, his bast men against Jak. With his eyes glittery Jak pumped his fist in the air, gettin’ psyched for the mass combat.

The battle’s results were clear. Though close, Jak was triumphant! After the great meals and drinks and the joyous battle that ensued, the residents and guests retired after an eventful Sunday. Some a little bruised and other a little bit drunk.

The Sun will rise again…


Cohesive, comprehensive, and thorough! Well done.


Thank you. I added a little something extra…

ShaiO ShaiO

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