Angels and Demons

The Nail of Truth

Ascending Water 5th, Wooday/Jupiterday/Thursday

Picking up where we left off – our party spent the rest of the day resting and prepping for the long night ahead.
Leo returned to the inn at eventide, explaining that he’d been surveying their target. Sharing his findings with the rest of the group, they began to plot the jailbreak.

Around that time, a formally-dressed man came by their room, accompanied by a pair of Erymanthoi. Introducing himself as Magister Ledaal, he said their belongings must pass an inspection under the head of security (i.e. Stenvall) for anything that might risk the city’s safety. He assured them that if all in order, it will be returned to them the following morning, before taking most of their baggage, and a certain notable possession of Taylor’s.

Following that, Taylor went on to introduce the party to his children, who came to Pneuma to help with the prisoners. It was settled that the two of them will wait by the border in case their assistance was needed.
Later, Thomas got to inspect Jak’s handcuffs, and concluded that while they are breakable, it will be painful, and making sure the Dawn doesn’t get killed in the process will be expensive – in either time, or actual money.

Midnight struck, and the four stormed the tower, using Jak’s familiar Lady to distract the guards via fly-by defecation. The young Terrestrials were quickly disposed of, but doing so was both loud, and highly visible: Alarms were bellowing all around the city by the time they entered the tower proper.
The ground floor was dark, silent, and vacant – with the exception of an immaterial rabbit spirit, whom Mnarset persuaded to show them how to enter the dungeon. Unfortunately, them attempting to do so triggered a trap, which set the floor on fire, as well as drop a Jade wall over the entrance. The latter may not have been so bad, as it kept whatever came after them out of the tower. A short team effort later, the four traversed the fire, and entered the dungeon.

Downstairs, they were vocally met with Moira – a somewhat drunk guardswoman (and Zid), who revealed (behind a rather thick door) that, because of Leo, she knew they were coming (disappointedly noting she expected five of them), and made preparations – setting up traps, calling off the patrol – to accommodate.
However, she was perfectly willing to let the prisoners go, in exchange for safe passage for Zid and herself, plus the name of whoever sent the party (or an equivalent of such).
A long negotiation ensued, which only ended when Mnarset named Stenvall. This was met with confusion and disbelief from Moira, who asked for two minutes to consider.

Meanwhile, the party prepared a poisoned cup of wine as they waited for her answer. Alas, none came. The door opened, revealing a mostly-empty chamber. A short investigation led them to where the guards must have gone – a complex network of tunnels spread beneath the city. Going back and forth through the tunnels, getting a message from Moira that they were still in the tower, but knowing the Nail of Truth’s “Guardian Entity” was hot in the party’s trail, the four escaped through an underwater cave outside the city borders.

Flying north to where an airship would be waiting for them, the party got an eagle’s eye view of what’s been going on in the meanwhile: The Necromancer invaded the city, and his forces were now barely, likely temporarily, held back by Stenvall and a handful of Terrestrials.
Deciding it was not their fight to have, but agreeing to return to Pneuma later, they parted with Taylor’s understudies, boarded the airship, and set sail towards Vanileth’s sanctum.


ShaiO ShaiO

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