Bright Yilling

"They will ask of silver, they will ask of gold. Soon enough they all learn... Steel is always the answer."


As any mysterious mercenary, Yillings’ lanky figure is obscured by his hooded frayed cloak whose edges seem to be singed off. Other then his tall build nothing special is apparent at first glance yet on closer look under his hood, a metal helmet can be noticed, faded yellow in color, it covers his eyes leaving his lower face exposed. Black grey hair can be seen flowing down his shoulders. His skin is the shade of pale, sickly white, yet his strong friendly demeanor contrasts his weak appearance.

Though he tries to conceal it, as he lets his mind drift into thought, you can hear the fingers of his right arm tapping leisurely on any flat surface. The sound of metallic fingers.

When he takes off his cloak, his faded yellow armor is revealed. Engraved on his chest plate is a stag whose horns resemble the branches of a willow tree.

He lost his left eye in battle along with his right arm. He hides the vacant hole under his helmet so no one can exploit his blind-spot.


Bright Yilling used to call Lookshy home… “Used to”.

Though he hardly remembers it, he was born in a small town called Willowcreek. Not much is known of the place other then the fact that it is now a Shadowland.

As of of lately he is under the employ of The Bull of the North, serving as a scout, a raider and occasionally an ambassador.

Not much is known about his exploits. He has survived a couple of wyld hunts, killed a high ranking officer of the empire here and there. He keeps his clienteles’ wants and needs mostly to himself. But business is business, he will lend his services to any who can afford his work.

The rumors say that these days Yilling never travels alone. They say that he is haunted by a dark presence that the people refer to as HE WHO WALKS BEHIND. Yilling prefers to call him Ludwig.

Bright Yilling

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