Bull of the North

"Every person in Creation will know how I feel about them."


A giant among men, a giant among giants.

He looks to be in his seventies but his massive figure still holds the strength, dexterity and durability greater even than most men, young or old.

There is not one black hair on his flowing white mane and beard.
He symbolizes the wind of the north, its constant blows will keep you in your place, it is fast to calm as it is fast to strike.

He will not take any bull-crap. Everything needs to be said honestly, at face value or he will make you wish you valued your face more.

He’s fatherly, that much is sure. A father that disciplines his children severely if deserved.


In his quest to grasp his birthright, Jurgen, The Great Bull of the North set out to conquer all that is under the blue skies.

Spreading his horde far and wide his journey towards uniting Creation under his banner has led him all across the land.

In the passing weeks he has settled outside the walls of Icehome in a small encampment. With him is a portion of his warriors, an amount of soldier not large nor small in size.
Just enough to show that The Bull will reach out with an open hand just as much as a closed fist.

Usually he is escorted by his second-in-commend, Samea, but before his forces arrived outside of Icehome, she has parted ways and set course to Mahalanka to do whatever it is sorcerers do there.

Bull of the North

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