"Tea? There's Ginseng, Jasmine, and... Earl Grey."


Three meters tall, yet vaguely humanoid, “Cirrus” appears at first to be a sort of mechanical construct, with sleek silver limbs, and glowing green eyes.
However, the trail of blood dripping from its feet as it walks implies this is no automaton, despite what its smooth, monotonous voice may tell you.


Bound to serve as Skytech’s custodian for all eternity, “Cirrus” was finally freed when our party, hoping to claim the ancient Manse’s hearthstone, unintentionally used the facility’s emergency protocol to unshackle him from his containment.

Dubbed plainly as the “Demon of Oration” by Sigereth. Was once the Expressive Soul of Magni, Curator of Voices (himself of the Yozi Elloge, the Sphere of Speech), “Cirrus” was stripped bare of his original name, during his disappearance from Malfeas, some 1,000 years ago.
Driven by vengeance, he scours Creation in search of those responsible for his imprisonment:

  • Vanileth
  • Silur/Samea.
  • Oadenol.

Only once his vengeance is sated will he return home, having sworn to put the Oculus in Taylor’s hand before doing so.


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