Father Claude

"We shall drown in flames all that have sinned under the fires of the sun."


Though he looks no older then in his late 50’s, his cold harsh eyes cannot hide hundreds of years of disdain.

His jagged features are as sharp as a knife and his expression is fixated on contempt. As a man of many manners he will implore those who approach him with attentiveness but they’ll dare not wear his patience thin.
He wears an adorned tunic with his monastery’s sigil and his bony fingers are covered in multitude of rings.
His voice carries wight with a gravitas of an experienced preacher.
His hands offer acceptance into a higher cause or point the way towards the pyres.


Father Claude’s gaze belittles all those who cross its path in his many years upon the Creation.
He sees all as either obstacles, annoyances, distractions or children in his path to purify the lands.

He believes that sinners must be judged harshly! Repentance will give them a chance to sin once more…

His towering presence shadows all of Highrock.

Father Claude

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