Wanna fight?


It’s the wrong answer either way.
Jak is a big guy – 1.9 meters tall, similarly wide. He’s fairly muscular, with short, shaggy hair. He has scars all over his body, which give him a hideous, terrifying look.
His usual appearance includes a worn out shirt and pants, a pair of leather sandals, and his side bag. Oh, and also a pair of White Jade handcuffs.
Jak has a unique way around the pen, which he refers to as talent (other people might disagree). He uses that talent in a messy notebook he occasionally flashes at people.
Manners are not Jak’s strong suit, and he burps, farts, and talks indecencies whenever he can. He’s loud and rude, which stand strongly against his relative success with women – but you can’t keep missing if you shoot forever, right?
At his side, one might meet Lady – Jak’s loyal eagle-friend who bears a strange liking of human eyes for dinner. They have a strong bond, and Lady can even understand Jak to a level where one might doubt her simple animal nature.
Jak’s weapon is claws he pulls from his skin and hurls at people, from close up or afar.


Jak’s got an open grudge with the Empire, which makes sense once you hear his Greyfalls story (he was imprisoned there for a while).
When Jak is asked of his whereabouts, he points east towards the scavenger lands – which he claims to be his home.
Jak mentioned Ragara Albok a few times as his sworn enemy – one he must personally meet and destroy.

Jak often visits this Obsidian Portal campaign with his own unique input, so look out for the “jak’s log” tag.


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