"WOOHOO! You made it! [Zid],you owe me 10 opal."


Highly enthusiastic and scatter-minded, for a prison guard. Likes Southern cooking books, Nexus opera, and talking too much.
…Or maybe that was just the alcohol speaking.
Also likes alcohol.

Seemed to dislike her post at the Nail of Truth, as it’s getting in the way of her actual job. Possibly no longer has to worry about that.


Attempted to negotiate with the party (behind a reinforced door) over the prisoners in her custody – in exchange for safe passage for Zid and herself, as well as the name of whoever sent them.

After Mnarset gave her Stenvall’s name, the room was revealed empty. She left a message, saying they was still waiting in the tower with the prisoners, but by then the party decided to leave for a multitude of reasons.

Was found hiding in the sewers of Whitewall, badly injured, but alive. Was taken care of, but kept alive, as the party rescued the prisoners.


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