"Don't worry, he's only mostly dead."


This Penn guys is weird af. He looks like was.. stitched? Better not think about it. Or maybe I should.. ask him? Or Giga? hmmm..
Despite his morbid appearance, he’s very nice and smiles often. I like him.


We met Penn on Giga‘s airship. She told us he’s a doctor, and that he’s new – Stenval had just hired him to the crew.
Somehow, he operated Taylor, causing him to partially die for some time. That really freaked Leo out (I may or may not have had some fun with with it), but he turned out just fine (bald though. Aren’t monks supposed to be bald to begin with?). Giga was really pissed at him though.
He drinks the yuckiest coffee. Seriously, don’t try it.


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