"i'm sans. sans the salesman."


Short, pale, with bleach-white hair and blue eyes. Almost always has a wide, blissful smile spread on his face. Walks around in a blue, fur-rimmed cowl, and fuzzy flip-flops.


Owner and proprietor of “Shop” in Wu-Jian. And apparently a sentry in Pneuma. And a cook. He’s not good at any of these. But, he knows a thing or two about a thing or two.
At the very least, being able to open doors to cities 5,000 miles away implies a working knowledge of Sorcerous Infrastructure.
Landlord, employer, and halfhearted teacher of Mnarset. Seemingly unaffiliated with any of Wu-Jian’s Thirteen Dojos. Spotted hosting known Anathema, Sans took his business elsewhere.
Last seen running a toy shop in a nameless village north of the White Sea, before suddenly taking off, as usual. This time, he took Leo with him, saying they’re off to face the Angels

last seen in whitewall. sort of. it’s complicated.


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