"Now I gotta add a roaming demon to my list of 'things to worry about'. That's pretty funny."


Tall, imposing, and armored to the teeth, “The Stonewall”, as his Skytongue epithet implies, carries a massive metal shield on his back, ornamented with the banner of his twin-patrons.
An Exigent mercenary by trade, Stenvall tends to speaks with a formal, serious tone, but rarely keeps it up for long.


Most of our party met Sten (as he prefers to be called) at Pneuma, working as a freelance watchman. He agreed to help them escape the city after their planned jailbreak, but only if they promised to do the bare minimum not to kill or loot anyone.

Tried to protect Pneuma with a handful of Terrestrials against the Necromancer, but was captured by Moira and company, who kept him under duress for two weeks to find out what he knows.

Was found and rescued by the party two weeks later in Whitewall’s Unt’n.


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