Angels and Demons

"I know a shortcut."

Flying away from Skytech, using a spell ironically named Cirrus Skiff, the group traveled north, hoping to get as far away from the Blessed Isle as possible.

The party got to know each other meanwhile, spurring a slight argument of ideologies between the two sorcerers, while the two fighters bonded through shared interests.

After three nights’ travel, at Sans‘s guidance, they arrived at the Temple City of Pneuma, where they were greeted by the little guy himself, apparently working as a sentry at its gates.
He led them on a leisurely stroll through the town’s many pagodas, before walking them into Gobby’s, a remote, somewhat empty teahouse… in Wu Jian. 5000 miles away.


At the teahouse, they told Sans of their complication at the Manse. He informed them of a… lady residing in Wu-Jian’s Cat House, who might be able to tell them more about Cirrus’s whereabouts, if they could beat her at her game. Assuring them that they are welcome to stay at his and Mnarset’s residence while they remain in the city, he left the four Solars to their own devices.

As Leo and Jak went downtown to pry information about the “Cat Lady”, Taylor and Mnarset remained at Gobby’s. The former updated his people on the Cirrus front, as well as his promise to Jak to find a way to break his shackles – while the latter read as much as she could about war and strategy games to prepare herself for the match.

Meanwhile, Leo and Jak learned of the Cat House’s history from Leo’s contact, Weasel: Once a temple dedicated to a feline god named Nine Curses, it was raided, its deity slaughtered, when the Immaculate Order arrived at Wu-Jian. Now a gambling den owned by Nine Curses’ priestess, it is said that Nine Curses’s spirit still lingers within the pagoda, wreaking vengeance on any who would harm the cats inside.

They also learned of why Wu-Jian’s streets and taverns all seemed suspiciously empty: For an unknown reason, the Empire unceremoniously decided to leave the island-city. Now Wu-Jian holds its breath, as they wait to see which of the Thirteen Dojos – the institutes who truly run things behind the scenes – will be the first to assume control.

Knowing which of the Dojos he supported, Leo passed a message to the head of Live Wire, a private law enforcement corps, before they returned to Gobby’s with their findings.

Skytech Labs and Research
You all meet in the engine room.

The Oculus. A powerful artifact, capable of projecting and locating any being in Existence.

  • Team Wanderers (Jak & Taylor) discovered its existence through the occult scrying of one of Taylor’s monastery brothers, Thomas.
  • Team Wu-Jian (Leo & Mnarset) were told, rather simply, by Sans: “I want you guys to have it”.

Each pair arrived separately, via sorcerous teleportation mechanism, to the ancient Manse said to house this artifact. The building seemed to be devoid of all life and sound – excluding one polite voice overhead, who happily introduced itself as Cirrus as it welcomed them to “Skytech” – an invisible R&D facility flying right above the Blessed Isle.


They traversed the Manse, along the way hearing from their unwanted tour guide of Skytech’s history and purpose (namedropping Silur and Vanileth in the process). Through the various puzzles and traps, they made their way deeper into the building, until, finally, the two teams reached the heart of the facility, where they ran into… each other.

During a brief dispute of possession, Mnarset discovered that an entity named Oadenol left an emergency protocol in case the Manse’s primary seal needs to be unlocked. Figuring that it would have to be, if they were to claim The Oculus, the two teams cooperated to do so.

However, the hearthstone was already removed by “Cirrus”, who simply needed the Solars to unlock his seal. The now-unbound custodian revealed himself, and thanked them for freeing him.
The four argued momentarily whether to fight this strange being, until he began to send tremors through the walls of the Manse, forcing them to escape (Jak begrudgingly) via sorcerous clouds.

Realizing that they accidentally released a rather powerful demon upon Creation, the two teams decided to join forces in order to track down Cirrus – whether be it to slay him, parley with him, or just take back the Oculus.

And so, our adventure begins.


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