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  • Sigereth gateway game

    Imagine getting a box for your birthday, and then a scary clown jumping out of it. Now replace the clown with a scarier (or slightly less scary, depends on how messed up you are) demon that.. hardly ever does anything until you cheat.

  • Ragara Albok

    Hi. Jak here. This asshole you see to your right is RAGARA ALBOK, a sadistic asshole of a "scientist" who works for the Empire. He's a dragon-blooded, but can also turn into a crow. Not many dragon blooded can change shape like that. Hmm.. Back to the …

  • Odysseus

    Jak again. After the whole mess of a prison break in Pneuma, we boarded the ship Stenval prepared for us. This little guy was running around the ship being unfriendly. I wonder what's this dude's story.. He's gotta have one, right? Owlcats aren't very …

  • Jak

    Jak's got an open grudge with the Empire, which makes sense once you hear his Greyfalls story (he was imprisoned there for a while). When Jak is asked of his whereabouts, he points east towards the scavenger lands - which he claims to be his home. Jak …