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  • Mnarset

    She learned her sorceress ways at an Empire facility. After she framed Stenvall she cut her Hair short.

  • Jak

    Jak's got an open grudge with the Empire, which makes sense once you hear his Greyfalls story (he was imprisoned there for a while). When Jak is asked of his whereabouts, he points east towards the scavenger lands - which he claims to be his home. Jak …

  • Bright Yilling

    Bright Yilling used to call Lookshy home... "Used to". Though he hardly remembers it, he was born in a small town called Willowcreek. Not much is known of the place other then the fact that it is now a Shadowland. As of of lately he is under the …

  • Bull of the North

    In his quest to grasp his birthright, Jurgen, The Great Bull of the North set out to conquer all that is under the blue skies. Spreading his horde far and wide his journey towards uniting Creation under his banner has led him all across the land. In …