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  • Sigereth gateway game

    Imagine getting a box for your birthday, and then a scary clown jumping out of it. Now replace the clown with a scarier (or slightly less scary, depends on how messed up you are) demon that.. hardly ever does anything until you cheat.

  • Arrival At Wu-Jian

    Flying away from Skytech, using a spell ironically named [[:cirrus | Cirrus]] Skiff, the group traveled north, hoping to get as far away from the Blessed Isle as possible. The party got to know each other meanwhile, spurring a slight argument of …

  • There and Back Again

    The party defeated [[:sigereth | Sigereth]], who had brought her pawns to life in order to make the game more interesting. However, the anima banners scorching through Wu-Jian's skies, as well as the perimeter Live Wire set up around the Cat House, did …

  • Sans

    -Owner and proprietor of "Shop" in Wu-Jian. And apparently a sentry in Pneuma. And a cook. He's not good at any of these. But,- he knows a thing or two about a thing or two. At the very least, being able to open doors to cities 5,000 miles away implies a …

  • Sigereth

    Our adventurers met and bested Sigereth at Wu-Jian's Cat House, hoping to draw of her vast demonic knowledge in order to extract information about "Cirrus". A demon of her word, she told them a great deal about her orator counterpart, before departing.

  • Yung

    A metalbender from Wu Jian. Works under the Head of Live Wire, Dr. Delphi. Which contributes to the fact that he doesn't have a sense of humor. He came by Sans's shop to deliver a message to "L" about the meeting he inquired with Dr. Delphi. It was a …