Angels and Demons

On the road to Mahalanka - You can't see the forest for all the demons

A foul cloud hangs above

As the gang woke to a new day in the forest they noticed a strange occurrence. The trees of the forest grew and their elongated branches obscured the sun. Taking note of the creatures responsible, the gang decided to continue ahead on land. As they journeyed forward, the sound of trees falling could be heard up ahead.

Soon the group found themselves in front of a large camp surrounded by numerous demons. There were three types of demons clearing the woods while diging and filling holes around the camp: Erymanthoi, Metody, and Firmin.
At the center of the camp was a high chair covered in thornes next to a pole —waving the banner of The Bull of the North.

The group, noticing the very visible demons, decided to debate among themselves on how to proceed when a familiar voice greeted them. It was none other than their old pal Cirrus, informing them that Samea is unavailable at the moment but she will return shortly and that in the meantime the gang is welcomed to some tea while they wait.

This was the closest they’ve gotten to Cirrus since they freed him from his imprisonment and so Jak suggested they try and kill him. Yilling however wanted to find Samea first before dealing with the demon, to which Mnarset agreed as she wasn’t sure they could kill him that easily. Taylor suggested to first converse with the demon so they can try and milk some information out of him. He and Yilling went on to speak with him while Mnarset stayed back with Jak who took his frustration on a giant log, carving some sort of sculpture.

Inside the camp Yilling and Taylor got a closer look at Cirrus, who was floating just above the high chair holding up a scroll and wearing tiny glasses where, if he was more human-like, his nose would be. He lowered himself to their level yet his feet never touched the ground. He greeted Taylor and Yilling, asking them if they enjoyed the tea. Taylor inquired about Cirrus’s goals on creation while Yilling bluntly asked for Samea’s wherabouts. Cirrus gave Yilling an automatic answer to which the mercenary accepted as waste of time. They returned to jak and Mnarset shortly.

Yilling decided to ride head to Mahalanka in search of Samea, and Mnarset asked to join him. The two of them rode on Ludwig, almost making their destination by the hour. As they neared Mahalanka, a trail of corpses welcomed their aprroach followed by the sound of apes, choking on something. Meanwhile Taylor prayed to the god of the forest who happend to be ’Xe at the moment, who was reaaaalllly hungover. He asked the god for guidance and he gave them two pieces of information:

  • Samea was still in the camp.

Almost at the same time, clutching for dear life as she rode on Ludwig, Mnarset gave out a prayer to ’Xe as well. The god apeared before her and Yilling, stopping them on their tracks and prompting them to turn back… as he made grass throw up.

As the two of them returned, Yilling, with the help of Jak, scoured the forest for Samea with no luck and thus it was concluded that they will go and speak with Cirrus one last time before they decide if they’ll face him in combat. All four of them went on to face Cirrus who simply told them that Samea has been punished in the most poetic way.


Cirrus handed over an olive branch and offered to give them one use of the Oculus as a show of good faith and revealed that he will leave Creation as soon as he will take revenge on the last person who’s responsible for his imprisonment, Oadenol. He mentioned that after his vengence is complete he will gladly give the gang his Oculus, his anchor to Creation.

The gang pondered on his offer and accepted his show of good will of one use on the oculus and saw Ragara Albok in Sans’s shop up north. Mnarset sent a messenger to see if Sans was alright.

The gang decided to take Cirrus on his offer and made a pact with the demon. They will let him finish what he started, uninturrepted, and he will deliver the Oculus into Taylors’ hands. He then told them the location of Samea, buried in a hole for days inside the camp. Yilling dug her out and laid her body on the ground. He took her tiara and let Taylor say some prayers before her body faded into essence. In anger that they wasted their time debating on what to do, Yilling pommeled a tree into a twig.

With their business complete, Yilling’s mission ending in a failure, they returned to The Bull of the North. In one of the nights in their journey back east, Taylor finished teaching Mnarset his sorcery while Yilling went on to express some rage. He asked Mnarset to sand a massage to The Bull to let him know of the situation.

As they arrived to Icehome they saw The Bull’s army headed south. The gang met The Bull and Yilling handed him Samea’s tiara without a word. The Bull dismissed the mercenary from his service and informed father Taylor that he is heading towards all the monasteries in the north, suggesting they will join him in attacking Pnuma or when he returned from it he will make sure there won’t be any monasteries up north.

And so the gang split, Taylor went to warn his monastery and the others went on to Pnuma.
Taylor blessed them that Mercury will guide their way and Yilling told him that he prays that Mars will have mercy on his soul….

Fun, fun, fun…


ShaiO ShaiO

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